High quality energy projects just found a new accelerator – E-nable+!

Based on our experience from the last 10 years, only 10-20% of all announced energy projects reach the stage of operation.


The political and social acceptance for renewable energy has never been better, so what are the reasons for this?
There have been sudden boom phases in markets with temporal periods of high subsidies, which triggered an uncontrolled growth of announced- but often low quality projects. Moreover, in many cases, project developers faced liquidity issues during the project development period, sometimes being an unpredictable and longsome process. Resulting lack of capital has increased the number of projects which failed and which have not been realized. We know about fully permitted projects that weren’t realized as project developers simply could not find an investor or a financing in time and that the deadlines given by the authorities for construction and start of operation of the project expired.

By using E-nable+, project developers receive a powerful tool to obtain funding in any step of the development process. They can attract investors and financers without additional effort and make sure they are not distracted from important development activities. With financial security, every good project succeeds – E-nable+ helps to get there! The unique benchmarking tool for investors e-nables capitalization of the most effective projects on the market. It will help to return employed capital, make the renewable energy sector more competitive and make projects more efficient in any terms. For operating plants, E-nable+ will help corporations to develop large, sustainable and diversified plant portfolios by making them visible to buyers.

The energy industry is in transition. E-nable+ accelerates this change in every aspect while in parallel helping market players to get equipped for the existing- and upcoming challenges of the energy markets. It is more than worth a try.

Günter Maier

Günter Maier, 22. January 2016, 16:32

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