Why we think E-nable+ will definitely help Project Owners

Why we think E-nable+ will definitely help Project Owners

I am Philipp Lobnig, Managing Director of E-nable+. By working on a large number of M&A transactions in the energy sector together with Dr. Günter Maier and our associates in the last few years, I’ve identified some typical issues, which Project Owners are facing when searching for serious and interested investors.

What I identified as a large threat is that a vast number of project owners face troubles in finding serious and suitable investors, not even because they have unfeasible projects. It is rather the case that they lack the professional and audience-orientated presentation of their projects. This problem arises mostly from the combination of a lack of time, resources and experience in the communication with professional and institutional investors.

When we developed E-nable+, we focussed on this issue by developing professional and standardized Project Teasers, based on our  vast experience in this sector. These clear and structured Teasers give Project Owners the opportunity to present the aggregated information needed for quick pre-screening and decision making of Investors. Through the audience-orientated presentation of the projects, we help also the buyer-side to make the right decisions, thus leading to increasing speed in the capital sourcing process for project owners.

Philipp Lobnig, 06. May 2016, 11:09

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