Why we think E-nable+ will definitely help Project Owners to get their energy projects financed

Why we think E-nable+ will definitely help Project Owners to get their energy projects financed

Personal Opinion Günter Maier:
I am Günter Maier, Founder of E-nable+. Based on my long lasting experience with M&A transactions in the energy sector, I‘ve identified some key issues which hinder the project realisation in this sector the most:

  • The process for finding suitable consultancy companies and fixing sell-side mandates takes up to a few weeks
  • The identification of serious and interested investors is complicated and requires a large amount of time and costly resources
  • The output in relation to costs with classical M&A mandates is not the most efficient way to find investors

By developing E-nable+, we focussed on these issues to accelerate project development and the capital sourcing process. E-nable+ improves the situation drastically for every project owner:

  • The upload of a project takes only up to 30 minutes (depending on the complexity of each project)
  • The platform ensures premium quality through standardized project forms and teasers
  • The platform is costless for project owners, providing them the most cost-efficient investor search process, in order to boost energy project development and execution.

E-nable+ provides a simple solution to Project Owners and enables them to find investors by showcasing their energy projects professionally and on an international basis.

Registration is free of charge and we offer additional support to our premium customers. To sign up please refer to portal.e-nable.eu.

For more information on our products and services please see our products site at e-nable.eu/enable-products or send us an online contact request.

Günter Maier, 06. May 2016, 11:21

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