Are you interested in selling your underperforming Photovoltaic Power Plant?

Are you Interested in Selling your Underperforming Photovoltaic Power Plant?

Even in mature photovoltaic markets with a rather advanced history such as Europe, there is a significant number of underperforming or distressed photovoltaic (PV) plants, predominantly based on one or more of the following aspects:

  • Plants were constructed under extreme time pressure to fulfill feed-in tariff deadlines
  • Contractors who designed and executed the PV plants had limited or no specific experience in the PV business
  • Feed-in tariffs have been retroactively reduced or tariff levels of PPAs expired and cannot be achieved anymore
  • Equipment used show early degradation resulting in lower than expected performance and energy output
  • Contractors who erected the plant undertook the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the plants but had limited O&M experience or stepped into financial difficulties and neglected their activities and obligations
  • Owners of the plants underestimate the importance of proper O&M and experience it as an higher than expected effort and cost burden
  • As a result, many PV plants are undermanaged, with consequences including lost production and inefficiencies

However, unidentified and unmitigated failures and problems cannot only affect the overall efficiency, leading to a decrease in electricity generation of the PV plant but may even result in reducing the lifetime of the respective PV plant.
E-nable+ is not just strongly motivated to link Project Owners, Investors and Financers to accelerate capital deployment and project realization, but also in helping to get the most electricity generation output and profitability from PV plants in order to make sure the natural resource solar is exploited in the most efficient ways. An increase of +1% in the performance of a PV plant can translate into up to +10% increase in profit.

Therefore, E-nable+ invites owners of underperforming or distressed utility scale Photovoltaic Power Plants to upload such projects to our platform if owners are interested in disposing respective assets.
E-nable+ received interest by investors for the acquisition of such underperforming assets, inspiring us to reach out. The investors cooperate with the leading specialist for performance improvement and would be interested to access the performance improvement possibilities, to acquire the assets and to finance and execute the performance improvement measures for the future improved operation of the assets.
By this, a win-win situation arises as the owners of underperforming or distressed Photovoltaic Power Plants can dispose those, unlocking tied-up capital and exit while the investors finance the performance improvement measures and benefit at their risk from the expected higher annual energy generation achieved.

G√ľnter Maier, 28. July 2016, 16:52

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