Energy Innovations Targeted at End Consumers: New Solar Technologies Providing Mobile, Independent, and Worldwide Power Supply.

Energy Innovations Targeted at End Consumers: New Solar Technologies Providing Mobile, Independent, and Worldwide Power Supply.

Technological advances and innovations are shaping the ever changing landscape of energy sectors worldwide but many technologies and innovations have potential ranging outside the classic Business to Business markets with consumer products providing mobile power supply leading the way.
Solar and battery technologies have been leap-frogging one another, influencing a customer’s purchase decision one way or the other with seemingly small differences, like the efficiency of a solar panel. But the efficiency can yield outsized benefits, like a charger, which is able to produce double the amount of power in using the same space and weight.

The Austrian Start-Up SunnyBAG is launching its newly adapted and improved LEAF+ module in September, furthering the development of their first outdoor solar system. The LEAF+ is a follow-up product of the SunnyBAG’s first outdoor solar module called LEAF and comes with twice the performance at same size, and two different world leading solar technologies combined in one product.
The LEAF enables users to access an independent power supply while on the move. During outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, sailing, cycling, camping (and anything else you can think of) the flexible, light, and robust solar panel can be used to charge cell phones, GPS devices, and other products. Providing reliable power supply even in partially shaded or cloudy conditions, the LEAF can be easily attached to backpacks, bags or tents.

SunnyBAG’s new LEAF+ weights only about 6,3 ounces and is equipped with a scratch and impact resistant surface providing unlimited freedom in all sports and outdoor activities and for reliable and independent power supply all over the globe.
The developers incorporated an extensive amount of feedback from LEAF customers worldwide, resulting in the innovation LEAF+ working with a new hybrid-system, for efficient and reliable mobile energy supply.

The outdoor solar system has a diameter of about 10 inches, being composed of a highly flexible solar panel in the center of the module, surrounded by two highly efficient SUNPOWER® panels at the solar module’s edges. The combination of these two different technologies allows the module to convert a wider spectrum of light into electricity even when partially shaded and produces an output power of 6,2 watts. The lightest and flexible outdoor solar system is now combined with two world leading solar technologies. It becomes a high efficient solar product and first hybrid solar panel, providing flexible power supply with possible application of both the LEAF and the LEAF+ on backpacks, bags, trunks, and tents.

The crowd-funding campaign for the SunnyBAG LEAF+ will start on September 6th, deciding over the innovation’s success, and supporters of the campaign will gain various benefits. Pre-production the LEAF+ is available from € 69,00 only (RRP € 129,00). Delivery is planned for Christmas 2016, still prior to the official product launch, which starts in 2017. The Kickstarter campaign starts on September 6th, and is available though the following link:

SunnyBAG was founded in 2010 and since then, the company has been growing fast and specialized in developing fashionable mobile solar systems –built into solar bags, solar backpacks, and outdoor-systems. The company is headquartered in Graz, Austria. To find out more please refer to

Judith Gruendler, 25. August 2016, 16:00

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