E-nable+ Relaunch: How the Energy Platform is Expanding.

E-nable+ Relaunch: How the Energy Platform is Expanding.

Started in March 2016, MG Energy+ launched it’s new Energy Project Platform “E-nable+ // energy meets capital”.
With the first of September of 2016, the platform will develop further with the go-live of E-nable’s new Tender-Module. But prior to describing what our new module has to offer, we want to give a short recap of how E-nable+ developed over the past months.

Recap of the past 168 days:
Started as blank matchmaking platform, we currently have more than 80 Projects online with a collective total installed capacity of 3.563 MW (47 projects with 2.196 MW currently for sale on the platform, reflecting a collective deal volume of 2,236 billion EUR).
With about 500 Teaser Views and more than 70 Project Matches, activity levels on the platform are steadily rising. Within our 330+ Users we have more than 93 different nationalities present and E-nable+ developing fluently into a leading global energy platform and the one stop for the energy sector.

E-nable+ Global Split


Tender Module Launch

As brought to your attention above, our platform is expanding by another energy module. Our Tender Module enables Tender & Contract Issuers to find the best suppliers, and publish RFPs as well as Tenders with one click. We eliminate the time consuming desktop research to find potential suppliers and empower Tender Issuers to identify the best Contractors.

Tender Bidders & Contractors can find lucrative contracts and identifying as well as maintaining their deal pipeline. E-nable+ helps companies to fasten and automize part of their processes through our intelligent Tender matchmaking, filtering only relevant RFPs and Tenders.

Sign up now and benefit from our subscription packages at https://portal.e-nable.eu/ or get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning our services at office@e-nable.eu.
E-nable+’s relaunch and the implementation of our tender module is another step further to our vision: To create the one stop for energy projects online.

With Kind Regards,

Your E-nable+ Team

Philipp Lobnig, 01. September 2016, 15:27

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